I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.
Philippians 4:13


Hey, I'm Stephanie.

God is my life and love.
Photography is my passion.
Technology is a part of me.
I am a Computer geek.
My husband, Paul, is my best friend.
I am blessed beyond measure.

Family means the world to me.
But GOD will always be #1!
I'm from a little "Mayberry" town.
I can finally say, I love where I live.

Firehouse Ministries is my other home.
The most awesome church you'll ever find.
A place where friends become FAMILY!
We love GOD. Love PEOPLE. Love LIFE.
If you can say and do that...
Ya got nothin' to worry about!

Jesus is my BESTEST friend.
When all else fails, He DOESN'T!
He lived for me. He DIED for ME!
He arose from the tomb for me!
He is MY everything!
Name above all names, JESUS CHRIST!

God blessed me with my soulmate.
Good and bad, we've made it through.
We haven't built a house.
We have made a home.
Best friend. Soulmate. True Love.

My daughter, Emma, is my Mini-Me.
The song that God gave to my soul.
The music of my heart.
My ultimate blessing from God.
The All-American teenager.

My mama has always had my heart.
My daddy has won me over.
Together, they made me.
They've taught me patience.
They've taught me love.
They taught me strength.

~ Most of all, my family has taught me about JESUS! ~